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What is OTT ? How Movies earn through OTT ?

What is OTT ? How Movies earn through OTT ?

In this period of lockdown, we all were in our homes and consume very much internet usually on our androids, we all wanted some interesting content like movies, web series, short films, serials, and other ways. In Our blog you will get to know what is OTT ?

Interesting thing is that we have all of them in our phones, through OTT PLATFORMS. These platforms are providing us a quality and fresh content from past years, but do yo know what exact OTT platforms are for ? How movies earn through OTT ? How OTT platforms earn ? When they started ? And Full form of OTT ?

What is OTT ?

What is OTT ?

OTT is an video streaming platform which serve their services directly to its viewers via internet OTT overcomes cables, set top boxes, Sattelite T.Vs as we use them for entertainment We can watch live tv, on demand shows, Music Videos, Web series, Hollywood-Bollywood movies.

In India, the main trend of OTT comes from past 3-4 years but OTT platforms are very old and the very first OTT platform in india was launched in 2008

When these platforms started ?

As i told you, the first OTT platform in india was launched in 2008. It was BigFlix, Launched by reliance entertainments.

Big Flix

Digivive launched India”s first OTT mobile app called nexGTV. But the craze of OTT apps arrived from 2016, when internet users increased in India

How you can use OTT ?

You can use OTT content through internet connected devices like phones, smart t.vs, smart set top boxes, desktop tablets etc. By taking their membership or subscription, You can watch their content anytime.

How OTT works

In OTT platforms content is deliver via internet connection rather than through a traditional cable or a dish box.

How movies earn through OTT platforms ?

In your whole life, you must have thought that How movies earn through OTT platforms. OTT platforms buys movies from their makers, and reserve all the movie rights for release and streaming. these deals depends differently on different languages, versions and parts. Different version needs different rights

On the other hand, OTT also make movies with their own money as a second Business. Because It reduces their cost of Movies net expenses and movie price, amount of profit increases for them

How these platforms make money ?

As a viewer we all pay some amount of money in order to get entertainment. Ott platforms have their different subscription packages to provide their content, You must have to buy their subscriptions to view their vip content.

Also they puts advertisement for their non subscribed users, if a free viewer watch their free content it, They must have to watch their ads without skipping. So these are the main earning source of OTT platforms .

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How Movies earn through OTT

Full Form of OTT

Over the top is the full form of OTT

Some famous OTT platforms In India


Netflix comes in list of most liked OTT platforms in India because they provide a lot of interesting and quality content to their viewers, You can watch its paid content buy taking their Subscriptions


Disney’s Hostar

It is very popular video streaming app, specially in children as they very interesting cartoon content and movies which the children like. Now days it is also streaming Dream 11 Ipl, You can watch live ipl matches by taking their montly or yearly subscriptions.

Hotstar Disney

Amazon prime video

A very Common name is known by the every single active consumer is Amazon but its Online streaming OTT platform is also very popular in viewers. because It provides music videos, web series, Movies , on demand shows and many more.

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video

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