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Get Free Internet Like Radio ? How ?

Get Free Internet Like Radio ? How ?

Free internet like radio

In this 21st Century, we all use internet on many gadgets mostly on our phone. Mostly every smart gadget is powered by internet, we can’t assume our life without internet in this era. Why we don’t get free internet, As similar, in 90,s There is radio which was more than internet at that time. People of that era was very fond of radio, And we are also fond of internet. But a big difference between Both is that radio telecasting is but internet dealer charge . But why Internet is not free like radio . Hi, to all in this blog we will tell you why internet is paid and radio is free

Why we pay for Internet ?

As internet starting point is from Sea and if you don’t know how how internet works please check this post {How internet works} . There are underground big pipes inside sea’s , which provide internet to companies like idea, airtel any many more. Internet providing is not a simple thing.

They get signals from sea pipes to their main towers and then they provide internet to us, Its costs alot of money to companies. First they have to establish Big towers all of the country after this they require head offices in every small area, employees salaries, Maintenance of towers and assets. After all this, They provide internet to us, so they charge for internet to us

cable installation for internet
Cable Installation For Internet

On other hand, radio is free because they are only throwing signals of podcasting which do not costs too much and our radio catches it signals.


Internet – You can access any type of content through internet like on Youtube, Google. You can use apps like whatsapp, facebook. In main words that you can access anything on internet. You don’t have any restrictions to browse on internet. Internet providing is not a simple thing , it includes cable costs, Underwater cables, machines, employees, providing sim cards, Maintenance

Internet Towers

Radio – Radio throws only signals of podcasts which get caught by your Radio devices. You have to listen that content which they are streaming, You can’t access content of your own favorite. Podcasting is a simple thing which you can even do in your home

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